A proof of concept is a great starting point for your web development project. 

A proof of concept, or POC, is a great way to get started on your web development project. It can help you visualize and test your ideas before coding.

A POC is typically an elementary version of your website or application. It permits you to focus on the functionality rather than the design. By creating a POC, you ensure the project itself has value.

For example, if your goal is to create a website where users can upload photos, you might start with a POC of the main uploading functionality of the site. The picture would get uploaded to an existing hosting service like GitHub Pages or Amazon S3. You could then use this POC to determine if the idea is worth pursuing further.

Creating a POC can also help you to identify potential problems and solutions. For example, if you’re having trouble getting your photos to upload correctly, you can use the POC to troubleshoot the issue.

The best part about creating a POC is that it’s a low-risk way to test your ideas. If the POC is successful, you can create a complete website or application. If it’s not, you haven’t wasted any time or money on a project that wasn’t worth pursuing.