Vastly underrated part of the UX/UI design process – Typography

Think about the last time you used an app or website. Chances are, good typography was a big part of making the experience enjoyable. Typography is a hugely important part of the user experience and the user interface design process, yet it gets often overlooked.

Typography can make or break an app or website. It can also affect users` feelings about your company. The type of fonts you use can say a lot about your brand and its stand for.

Users might not trust you if you choose the wrong font, or even worse, unstyled text (like Helvetica). And this could lead to them misinterpreting your brand or product.

On the other hand, good typography can make an app or website look polished and professional. It can also make your website more user-friendly by making text easy to read.

So if you`re looking to improve your UX/UI design, don`t forget about typography. It`s a critical part of the process. Invest in good typography, and you`ll be rewarded with happier users and a more successful product.